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Diet and Academic Achievement: Your Child is What He Eats!

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As I mentioned in my webinar last week your child truly is what he eats.  If he eats a crappy diet, don’t expect his behavior and learning to be excellent!

A recent study published in European Journal of Nutrition studied the relationship between diet and school achievement 161 Finnish children ages 6-8 years.  Parents kept diet records for 4-day.  These were evaluated using three different measures of diet quality.  They then compared those scores with academic achievement including reading fluency, reading comprehension and arithmetic skill tests.

Here’s what they found: Healthier diets were associated with better reading skills (both fluency and comprehension), but not with math skills.

The researchers concluded: serve more vegetables, fruits, berries and low-fat milk (if not sensitive to dairy).  Serve less red meat, sausage and foods high in sugar.  Makes sense!  Try it, your whole family will be healthier and you will be helping them make healthy food choices for life!  What a gift you will be giving them.


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