Review of Solving the Puzzle of Your ADD/ADHD Child by PURE FACTS, a wonderful publication–a must read–for parents, teachers, and other professionals who deal with children who have ADD/ADHD.  PURE FACTS has been published by experts for years.  You can order it online at

“Laura Stevens is a prolific writer who has
studied and written about hyperactivity (now called ADHD) for many years, and she has
collaborated with doctors who have been decades ahead of their time in understanding how food is related to behavior, learning and health.There is a growing awareness today of the importance of essential fatty acids (EFAs) for our health, and especially how vital they are for the child with an ADHD diagnosis. Long before this became so widely known, she was involved in research using EFAs for these youngsters.

“More recently, Laura carried out a study that calculated the actual amount of food dyes in many common brand name products. This is information  that was sorely lacking in the early studies on the Feingold Diet  and is one of the reasons the old studies had mixed results. Researchers relied on the estimates of the food industry that the average child consumed around 27 milligrams of dye a day, and they based their study designs on that. Sadly, the numbers were far from realistic since children typically ate about ten times as much as the food manufacturers claimed!

“In her newest book, she has gathered the most significant infor-mation we now have about how to help children with learning and behavior problems after the basic
changes have been made to remove major offenders like additives, and
test for a sensitivity to salicylates. Some children continue to have a residue of problems even after they have taken these steps.

“Stevens provides information on lab tests that can help identify other culprits. The book covers the roles of sleep and exercise and nutrients like magnesium, iron and zinc. It suggests ways to learn if problems are being triggered by things like food sensitivities, inhalant allergies or environmental chemicals. The newly emerging research on the val-ue of beneficial bacteria and healing a leaky gut are covered as well.”

To purchase Laura’s new book just go to Google Books which is selling the e-book at a much reduced price compared to the print.