splendaSucralose (Splenda) is an artificial sweetener used in many foods and beverages. In a new study of adults and children scientists measured the amounts of sucralose (Splenda) in the blood after an oral serving of a beverage sweetened with sucralose.    The research was published in Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry.  Eleven adults drank 12 oz (the amount in a can of pop) of a mixture of sucralose and water and another 11 adults drank a can of diet Coke sweetened with sucralose and another artificial sweetener (acesulfame).  Eleven children drank 12 oz of water containing  sucralose. The children essentially drank the same amounts as the adults.  Next blood was taken at 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes to test blood levels of sucralose.  Concentrations were adjusted for weight.  The researchers were surprised to find that plasma concentrations in children were twice as high as the adults!

Do we really want to have sucralose circulating in our blood and that of our children?  Were humans designed to process this foreign substance?  The researchers pointed out, “Early life sucralose exposure may influence a child’s future taste preferences, diet, and metabolic health.  Furthermore, we have recently reported that sucralose is present in human breast milk.”

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