Oct 26, 2016

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Do Scented Products Make Your Child More Inattentive and Hyperactive?


Have you ever noticed whether or not your child reacts to things

close up of woman hands spraying perfume

like fragrances, the odor of paints, chlorinated products, gas fumes, magic markers, and so on?  If yes, your child has a lot of company!

In a new study just published in the medical journal Air Quality and Atmospheric Health researchers reviewed questionnaires about reactions to common fragrances from 1136 adults.  They were surprised to find that 34.7% of the population reported health problems, such as migraine headaches and breathing problems when exposed to fragranced products. 7.2 % had neurological problems, 5.8% had cognitive symptoms an 15/7% migraine headaches.  They concluded that scented products can trigger a wide range of health problems in the general population.

Although the researchers didn’t address the issue of fragrances perfume-fragrancecontributing to ADHD they do!  Do you wear perfume?  Does your house have scented products?  What about your child’s teacher? Does the new car smell bother your child? Is he worse in a gas station around the fumes? If yes to these any of these questions, your child may be chemically sensitive.  Try to set up fragrance-free zones for your child.

You can find much more info about Chemical Sensitivities in Chapter 19 of my book, Solving the solvingthepuzzleofyouradd-adhdchildmockup-991x1024Puzzle of Your ADD/ADHD Child: Natural Solutions for Hard-to-Raise Children.  You may be surprised by what you learn!





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