Sep 26, 2016

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Sugar Industry and Harvard Internal Documents…


sugar-consumptionIn a recent article in JAMA Internal Medicine–a prestigious, well-respected medical journal–reported that the Sugar Industry and researchers supported by the Sugar Research Foundation misled the public about the dangers of sugar and heart disease as early as 1965.  For example, one professor of nutrition at Harvard University co-directed the first research project sponsored by the Sugar Research Foundation from 1965-6.  They deliberately promoted a low-fat diet while encouraging the sugar industry to lower fat and increase sugar consumption even though they knew sugar was harmful and could elevate cholesterol levels in the blood!!! That a top university like Harvard could conspire with the food industry just boggles the mind!  Was there any conspiracy in promoting the idea that sugar had nothing to do with ADHD?

Sugar in ChildrenHere are the recommendations of amounts of sugar for children according to the American Heart Association.  Some children with ADHD do not tolerate this much sugar!!



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