Jul 18, 2016

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New FDA Data Show High Levels of Food Dyes in Brand-name Foods


The Center for Science in the Public Interest, based on data from the Food & Drug Administration, has just issued a press release about the high amounts of food dyes in beverages and foods eaten by children.  Little Debbie Swiss RollsFor example, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, are colored with 32 milligrams (that’s a lot!) of Yellow #5, Red #40 and Blue #1 per serving.  These dyes are used to color the product brown because it only contains 2% cocoa!!! These products are made with sugar, water, flour, and oil.

Black Cherry soda, owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group, is colored Black Cherry Drinkwith Blue#1, Red #40, and Yellow #5.  Betty Crocker’s Black Decorating Icing has 80 mg of dyes per serving–Blue #1, Blue #2, Red #40, and Yellow #6.

C’mon companies.  Do what’s right for American children and replace the artificial dyes (made from petroleum by-products) with natural ones NOW as they have done in the European Union!


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