Jul 16, 2016

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Exercise for ADHD Symptoms: Get Moving!


The benefits of exercise for children (or adults) with ADHD are many!  For example, researchers compared the responses to 3 types of treatments:  the participants, ages 7 to 12 years, walked for 20 minutes in a park, 20 minute walk in the neighborhood, and 20 minute walk in a

Novastock. Group of friends playing in the sun. Child, children, boy, girl, family, kids, summer, fun

well-kept city environment.  These events took place 1 week apart and were completed in a random order.  Children who walked in the park had better concentration than in the other 2 environments!  The researchers concluded, “‘Doses of nature’ might serve as a safe, inexpensive, widely accessible new tool in the tool kit for managing ADHD symptoms.”  Walking in the sunshine for 20 minutes will also help your child make vitamin D which is often low in children with ADHD!

Read more about exercise and vitamin D in my new book, Solving the Puzzle of Your ADD/ADHD Child: Natural Solutions for Hard-to-Raise Children.  Remember, it’s cheapest if you go to Google Books!


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