Jun 21, 2016

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Getting Off the Couch May Help Your Child!!



Kids riding bikesDid you know that exercise may help your ADHD child?  This has been shown in rats that are models for ADHD, in children, and also in adults with ADHD.  In the rat model exercise was found to be just as helpful as Ritalin and Strattera in reducing behavior problems and social interaction!  Another study compared the effects on children with ADHD of  walking on a treadmill or reading a book for 20 minutes.  This one time exercise event temporarily improved electrical brain activity, reading comprehension, and math scores! As predicted, reading did not have any effects. So next time your child is struggling with his homework suggest he exercise moderately for 20 minutes, then tackle his homework again.

For more information please check out my new book, Solving the Puzzle of Your ADHD Child: Natural Solutions for Hard-to-Raise Children.  It’s cheapest at Google Books!!


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