5 Ways Nutrition Can Impact ADHD Symptoms

Webinar Wednesday, February 22, 2017 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET

Are you interested in how nutrition can help with the symptoms of ADHD?

A healthy diet can provide an effective complementary approach to alleviating some symptoms of ADHD. However, taking an honest look at your nutrition habits and figuring out what works best for you or your child can be a confusing process. From dietary supplements, food additives and artificial dyes to caffeine and food sensitivities there are a lot of options to consider.

In this webinar, learn about five adjustments to your diet that may affect ADHD symptoms. Create a plan for where to start when making changes and how to track if they are working. Leave with new information and a plan for using nutrition as a complementary treatment to help decrease the intensity and frequency of symptoms and improve your quality of life with ADHD.

-National Resource Center on ADHD, A Program of CHADD

A step-by-step guide to helping your ADD/ADHD child with natural solutions.

Solving the Puzzle of your ADD/ADHD Child:

Natural Solutions for Hard-to-Raise Children

A comprehensive guide on how to utilize natural remedies to help your child with ADD/ADHD succeed in life. User-friendly layout of the book allows for quick referencing for specialized situations to help facilitate helping your child. Inside you will also find recipes that are not only delicious, but scientifically proven to benefit children with ADD/ADHD. This manual is the perfect choice for any parent or teacher who wants to understand natural ways that allow their children to thrive in any situation, regardless of ADD/ADHD.


A very useful, practical guide for families.
Lisa Y Lefferts MSPH, Senior Scientist, Center for Science in the Public Interest
There is lots and lots of practical advice in “Solving the Puzzle of Your ADD/ADHD Child: Natural Solutions for Hard-to-Raise Children” by Laura J. Stevens…Thoughtful, welcome, and gentle, if consistent, advice…Quite an interesting read!
Nick Shenkle WBAA NPR
Laura Stevens is a disciplined scientist, not given to overstatement.  In Solving the Puzzle of your ADD/ADHD Child,  she examines the role of foods and toxins in problem behaviors, and proposes sensible ways to get children better.  Fundamentally, Stevens’ approach is both rational and safe.   Had it existed years ago as I sought answers for my own son, this book surely would have been first on my list.  I recommend it as an extraordinarily useful tool for both families and physicians.
Woody McGinnis, M.D.
Your organization of ADD/ADHD information regarding symptoms, causes, diagnosis, behaviors and evidence-based recommendations is most impressive.  The time, preparation and research given to complete this endeavor are—simply stated—remarkable, truly remarkable
Diane Buhr Executive Director, Special Education Foundation, Ballwin, MO
Laura Stevens is the rare researcher and writer who gives parents and practitioners the gift of lucid, practical background and actionable options for solving the most common puzzles found these days in the performance and health of children – and for grownups too!
Sidney M. Baker, M.D.
This book presents a comprehensive but understandable description of how dietary environment can modify gene expression, with implications for prevention and treatment of ADHD.
L. Eugene Arnold, M.D., M.Ed. Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry

Laura Stevens | Natural remedies for your ADD/ADHD Child

A Note from Laura

At last the book I’ve been working on–Solving the Puzzle of Your ADD/ADHD Child: Natural Solutions for Hard-to-Raise Children–is finished and available for you! Just scroll down to learn more about it and how you can order it.

The purpose of my book is to help you solve the “jigsaw puzzle” of your ADD/ADHD child. Each chapter starts with statements about your child that you can check off if it describes your child. Then there are scientific studies that support the importance of this piece of the puzzle, then how you can “fix” it and insert
it into your child’s jigsaw puzzle. If you don’t check off any statements in the beginning of a chapter just go on to the next chapter!

I know you are very busy and stressed!! Just one step at a time!  Good luck and let me know how you are getting along.
All best wishes, Laura

This text is the result of my research devoted to the needs of ADD and ADHD Children. It begins with a review of core concepts relating to the identification of biological factors. Helping a child with ADD or ADHD is like solving a jigsaw puzzle composed of many different pieces related to his behavior and health. You have to identify the puzzle pieces important for your child or patient and fit them together to form a completed puzzle. Within each chapter, I will help you identify a potential piece of your child’s puzzle.

  • Part I discusses the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, how these disorders are diagnosed, accompanying mental and physical problems, and what the underlying causes may be. Traditional treatments are outlined plus the pros and cons of using medication.
  • Part II explains the A+ Diet to give children the nutrients they need. Avoidance of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup is discussed along with the problems of sugar and sugar replacements.
  • Part III presents important lifestyle considerations such as quality and quantity of sleep and exercise.
  • Part IV focuses on possible missing nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Part V identifies common food, chemical, and inhalant sensitivities.
  • Part VI explains the importance of having beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and the problems of leaky gut.
  • Part VII discusses the impact of toxic minerals and chemicals on behavior and health. Also provided is an appendix containing numerous child-appealing recipes that will help parents cope.  This book will be a valuable resource for professionals who work with children-pediatricians, special educators, counselors, social workers, dieticians, and researchers.

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